Assessment Theory for Early Childhood

So much of early childhood education assessment is visual and performance based. During the past week I have read Kubiszyn and Borich, Educational Testing and Measurement: Classroom Application and Practice, Chapter 7: Writing Objective Test Items. As a classroom teacher I develop learning outcomes and then develop assessments to see if students have met the learning outcomes. When teaching preschool and kindergarten the students are at so many different levels. Some students are able to read and would be able to read a test question while other students are not reading even basic sight words so these students would need visual test questions. To start with young students might not understand the terms of true and false so yes/no questions would be more appropriate. Simple matching would be appropriate but to ensure lesson objectives are met pictures would be the best approach. Pictures would also be helpful when using multiple choice. People might think you are unable to use essay questions with young students but that is completely wrong. You are still able to ask an essay question you will not get a thought out, well-written paragraph but they are able to express their thoughts through drawings. All students required assessments to ensure learning has taken place but teachers need to ensure we are using the appropriate tools to assess young students.



Kubiszyn, T. & Borich, G. (2013). Educational Testing & Measurement. Hoboken, NJ:



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